Stucco has design flexibility and there are many textures and colours available. Stucco is durable, long lasting and low maintenance. Unlike vinyl siding, stucco can be painted. Stucco is more economically more efficient.

ONDECO INC. has a variety of options for your home exterior. We carry several textures and colours of quality products. ONDECO INC. can provide you with the stucco choice that best suits your needs.


The primary benefit is the wide range of options, both in colours and textures, available in stucco. You can select a colour that helps your business to stand out, or you can select something that is a subtle nod to your brand colours. You can also decide on a texture that will make your HOME or commercial building appear to be finished with distinguished character.


Stucco is convenient for both home and commercial applications in GTA because it is durable and easy to repair and maintain. The initial work is relatively quick, so you won’t experience a lot of downtime while you finish the exterior of the building. And when you do need repairs or if you want a fresh colour, the update will not be expensive. You won’t have to replace everything just because of a patch that was damaged or stained.